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 Information shared by Force Nemesis Death

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Chancellor Desra Windu

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PostSubject: Information shared by Force Nemesis Death   Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:23 pm

[23:05] +eddy: only one mbu member hacks
[23:05] +eddy: non of the rest do lol
[23:05] ~Death~: oh well
[23:05] ~Death~: ive lost respect for mbu
[23:05] +eddy: sorry to hear tht
[23:06] ~Death~: i truly thought u were better then that
[23:06] ~Death~: but now i know i was wrong
[23:06] +eddy: i dont hack?
[23:06] ~Death~: allowing wallhackers to ruin the game for others on your server
[23:06] ~Death~: ya i thought u were better then that
[23:07] +eddy: sorry
[23:09] ~Death~: should watch that though, ppl will use that against you
[23:12] +eddy: like how?
[23:12] ~Death~: well i already know you will ban someone for crashing the server correct?
[23:13] ~Death~: to crash the server you need a form of a *hack*
[23:13] ~Death~: which you allow
[23:14] +eddy: yeah, but ppl dont go advertising it that we allow hacks, therefore most ppl are discreet about it, and if it does come to the point were they crash the server they get warning, then banned
[23:14] ~Death~: still pathetic
[23:15] +eddy: w.e. death
[23:15] ~Death~: that's why from here on i dont trust any of your member's anymore.
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SMOC Dorito


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PostSubject: Re: Information shared by Force Nemesis Death   Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:54 pm

I already know this. I've given the wall-hacker a warning. If he continues to wall-hack, he will be banned. I can actually vouch for Death here, despite the fact that he accuses anyone of wall-hacks when their score is better than his but he's correct in this case.
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Information shared by Force Nemesis Death
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