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 Boba Fett's Ultra Utility Kit

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PostSubject: Boba Fett's Ultra Utility Kit   Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:50 am

"Ultra Utility is a utility with many tools and features designed to enhance the gaming experience and providing new abilities. Note: Ultra Utility, since it runs alongside Jedi Academy, needs a decent system to run properly. So trying to run it on older pc's or laptops may result in performance issues.

One of the primary components of Ultra Utility is its kill tracker. This system allows you to keep track of your kills, deaths and much more. There are, of course, other kill trackers around, but none are as advanced as Ultra Utility's KT, as it keeps track of the players that killed you (or that you killed) with their 'KT profile', it tracks weapons used to kill/die, bots and humans are tracked separately, long names are supported, all languages are supported (the kill tracker is fully language independent, as it does not use console messages for the tracking), and even CTF stats are tracked. And of course you can set your own kill messages.
Now, not everyone likes kill trackers. Therefore the kill tracker is just a component of Ultra Utility and can therefore be turned off at will. For the people that like special duel music, you can set a special song that should play once you enter a duel.

Next there is a media player, powered by FMOD, supporting many file formats (see features). This way you can listen to your favorite music while chopping up people with your lightsaber. To make things more interesting, Ultra Utility provides an equalizer, several sound effects and the ability to change the playback speed to make the music sound better or just for the fun of it (chipmunks ^_^). The media player supports multiple playlists so you can easily group your music and switch playlists on the fly in-game.

Ultra Utility uses the classical 'KT' command system, meaning it uses commands prefixed with ! (exclamation mark). Unlike normal KT's, Ultra Utility does not only support commands typed in chat, but also commands typed in the console! Likewise, you can also bind UU commands or put them in scripts (.cfg), as they act like real JA commands.

The command responses can be set to appear in the console, in private chat (sent to you) or public chat (not recommended unless you're sure the server admins don't mind) A thorough list of commands can be found in the manual, or you can use !help for command information in-game.

One of Ultra Utility's special features, which is one of the things that makes it unique: The in-game menu.
This is a menu system that uses the console to display itself (by overriding it). In this menu you got access to predefined messages (so you don't have to waste keys), broadcast messages (ampsay messages, currently only JA+ is supported), emotes, rendering options (the things that do not appear in the options screen ^_^, including a few 'cheat-protected' settings), server info, player info (with homing system), media player info, download manager (to download specific files from the server, if the server allows downloads), a palette editor so you can change the RGBA combinations of the color code (this is client-side only though), player data monitor (so you can see your information such as health/armor, rewards (leftover from JK2, but they work!), inventory, weapons, force powers, position.. etc), and the JA-GPS (live position and movement information about yourself).
Starting the menu is done by pressing a hotkey (ctrl-numpad / by default). The menu itself is controlled using keys, every entry has a key linked to it, just press the key to perform a certain action (open a menu, display a message, change a setting, etc). Closing it can be done by pressing the X key (back) in the main menu or by pressing the hotkey again. When the menu is closed, Ultra Utility will recover the console fully.

Next in line is the Favorite server list. This feature allows you to keep track of your favorite servers, see who's playing, check the server settings and join it on the fly at any time. Further more it allows you to use rcon on any server in your list (of course, as long as you have the rcon password). Ultra Utility's rcon feature is the one of the only ones with support for 'multi-word passwords'. Ultra Utility's game launcher lets you specify which mod to load on startup, and which server to connect to (if any), so you can be on any server you like with any mod pre-loaded on the fly!

Then there is a nice feature for people who run clans: the clan manager. Now don't be fooled by the name, it is simply a place where you can store information about your clan, such as the server and website, ranks, members, clan wars (TFFA's), and more. You can optionally export the clan manager info and share it with clan members (who also have Ultra Utility).

Ultra Utility also contains a minimizer (with resolution changing support!) which can be activated either by command (!mini) or by a hotkey.

Ultra Utility allows you to set hotkeys for certain tasks, such as the in-game menu and minimizer (as said above), but also for media operations (play/pause, stop, next, previous). This way you don't have to spam the !next and !prev commands to switch songs, but simply press the hotkey instead.

Furthermore you can make Ultra Utility remember stuff for you by setting reminders (it basically works like a note block), so you don't need to have pen and paper around if you need to write something down. You can also set 'allies', which will be greeted when they enter the server you're in, and will get alternative kill messages (if specified).

For the people that modify maps (either using BSP editing techniques, or lugormod/makermod), Ultra Utility provides many commands to make things easier. Ultra Utility can show entity information (and a lot of it), list entities in the current snapshot (as well as the amount), search for entities using a certain model, effect or sound, or give info of the entity you're aiming at. Furthermore Ultra Utility can be very helpful if you're trying to place brush entities, as it can calculate the origin you need to specify to move a certain bmodel (*xx) to its target location (with rotation optionally)

Ultra Utility allows you to change your chat messages, either by changing their color, or by applying a style to them (a prefix and suffix). So you can type in your preferred color (non-green) or add some fancy things to your chat messages. (Note: this only works for public chat messages and only if they're typed using the chatbox itself, /say commands are not styled)

Ultra Utility also provides a terminal so you can easily change the settings, check out your media info and view your KT stats on the fly using a UI plug-in (requires a pk3 which can be downloaded from the website)

And last but not least (in this summary) is the skinning system. If you like to give Ultra Utility a personal touch, you can change the looks of the main window using the skin creator, or download skins created by others.

This and more awaits you in Ultra Utility v3 (Beta 16)" - Note from Creator

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PostSubject: Re: Boba Fett's Ultra Utility Kit   Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:56 pm

BFUUv16b is currently a main topic about the server. It shall be known to all that this tool may be banned on GAR server because of it's ability to function as a wall hack (I will not post how here) and to function as an aimbot. Until this issue has been decided upon, and as a member of the Loyalist Committee of the Senate, I request that this tool not be used on the server. If we find anyone using this tool for any use that may be considered to affect the game in any way might be applicable for a permanent server ban. Any clients using Boba Fett's Ultra Utility will have their IP logged.
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Boba Fett's Ultra Utility Kit
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