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 Knight is Haru

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Chancellor Desra Windu

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PostSubject: Knight is Haru   Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:45 am

After some suspicions about who Knight truly was, I did some digging. I have concluded myself that Knight and Haru are one and the same and I will list the evidence I have right now. Compare the chat logs of Knight and Haru and look at the similiarities... they act the same. On his xfire profile, his name is Angel Jedi and as we know Haru has changed his name to Angel as well. He originates from New Jersey like Haru, he is also obsessed with joining our clan, I have chat logs if anyone needs to see this but I recommended other clans but he just wouldn't budge even after turning him down and all the drama. It just doesn't make logical sense. Lastly, I was looking on SoL forums as Knight was speaking with me and when he logged off Haru also logged off the SoL Forums at the exact same time and this happened everytime he logs off. I've come to believe Knight is Haru. I will ask Athena for Haru aka Angel's ip so we may compare the recent ips of the two. But personally, Knight is not to be apart of the Republic until evidence shows otherwise. I have to side with Dorito on this one. It makes more logical sense because Haru is a BoS player, its not the first time he's changed his name. We may discuss this further but until then I want Knight banned off GAR server until things are solved and we can commit to a more peaceful resolution.

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PostSubject: Re: Knight is Haru   Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:53 am

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Knight is Haru
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