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 Senate Recruitment!

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Chancellor Desra Windu

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PostSubject: Senate Recruitment!   Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:18 am

Its time to increase on our Senate members, I want to see at least 10 applicants. If you know anyone whose mature and have good leadership ability recommend them to that position. The Senate has done an awesome job without me, I didn't think it would work this well but GAR has prospered in my absence which is evidence enough of its good leadership ability. I will be around a little more now for a couple of weeks. The military has me going thru damn hoops but you know how it is lol. And school is a pain since its nearing the end of the semster and I am moving out soon so... lol thanks for doing all of this for the glory of the Republic.

~Desra Windu~
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Senate Recruitment!
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