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 Promotions 4/8/10

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SMOC Dorito


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PostSubject: Promotions 4/8/10   Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:32 pm

Congratulation to the following are getting promoted:

Private (Pvt) NNY -> Corporal (Cpl)
Private (Pvt) ROFL -> Private First Class (PFC)
Corporal (Cpl) Pein -> Sergeant (Sgt)
Trial (T) Magnum -> Private (Pvt)
Trial (T) E-BoL -> Private (Pvt)
Private (Pvt) Santok -> Corporal (Cpl)
Staff Sergeant (SS) Kael -> Sergeant First Class (SFC)
Private (Pvt) Ssinssrigg -> Private First Class (PFC)

Congratulations to you all. You all have been doing good. Keep it up. Very Happy
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Promotions 4/8/10
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