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 Reformation on the Ranks (Updated)

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PostSubject: Reformation on the Ranks (Updated)   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:43 pm


After two weeks they can move on to the next rank.

Enlisted Republic Members:

Enlisted ranks are easy to achieve, after one to two weeks an enlisted member may ask or may automatically be promoted to the next rank. Once promoted their names MUST be posted under the promotions forum that way we can keep track of stuff.

2.Private First Class

Republic Officers:

Officers have proven their worth in GAR will be given more responsiblities such as squad leadership, tactical command, recruit training, intelligence reports, and more...

6.Staff Sergeant
7.Sergeant First Class
8.Master Sergeant
9.First Sergeant
10.Sergeant Major
11.2nd Lieutenant
12.1st Lieutenant

Republic Commanders:

The Republic Commanders are minor to major leaders of the Grand Army. They have a lot of authority, the only ones they report to are the Senate and the Chancellor. Respect these men as they have authority to suspend you from GAR for a limited time.

15.Lieutenant Colonel
18.Supreme Commander or Grand Army General (For the leader of the Republic or whose in charge of a force in battle)
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Reformation on the Ranks (Updated)
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